How do YOU dose Kalk?


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I used to have a kalk reactor that would dose kalk with my topoff water. That won't work for me anymore and was also too irregular. Depending on the evap rate my kalk dosing would change. I'm looking for a better, more controlled method of dosing. i'm not sure if I want to use a dosing pump or not. I'm concerned that the kalk will have a tendency to clog the output line. What method are you using, and what are the pros/cons of it?



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"A little pricey"? Menard, your advice is like gold in this hobby, and I absolutely appreciate it, but $445 is a bit more then a little pricey. It definitely looks like a great piece to have but I can't afford, or justify, that kind of money to dose kalk. Any other ideas?


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litermeter connected to kalk reactor,buy a used one,this guys are on the spot with filling top off,more precision and less chances of raising pH too high or whiting out tank.


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How big is your system? If it is less then 75g the CoralVue Aquahouse dosing pump will work for you. Adjustable from 1-99ml/hr and it is very exact.


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I use an Aquadoser triple to dose 2 part + magnesium. Can the kalk be added to the 2 part, or is a 4th dosing pump needed?

I would get this coralvue unit then. We all know their quality is good (Octopus skimmers) and it has the controller built in for only $85.


I dose with a aqualifter pump via reefkeeper elite. No issues in the 9 months I've been running it. I also dose to part with dosing pumps to supplement the kalk. More kalk less two part, less money.


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32 gal brute, into which I dump a pound of kalk the first of the month.

It has a dual-float connected to a solenoid that activates my RO/DI. I have the float on a timer, to prevent possibility of overfilling. It is set to fill the bin tu/th/sun. 15min a day an MJ1200 with Sure Flow kicks on to stir. That's the "in".

Out I have a Chem-Tech (reef-filler) pump set to drip to match evaporation. So all topoff is kalk and it is continuous. I used to have a timer on that, now it's on my Apex, and is off for an hour midday and midnight. At one of those the MJ goes on (don't recall which anymore!)

Note -- the Chem-Tech can be pricey. But I found on on the bay for under $150. Does 15gal a day max. But you don't have to have the same as a reeffiller. Hanna now makes a metering pump for around $100 that looks very good. LMI pumps are all over the bay and elsewhere and can be had for that. They'll all do the same thing.

I like the pricier Chem-Tech because it is self-priming, so I know that if power goes out it will go back on. I like the comfort but you pay another $50 for that.

No idea where Wilmington is but you are welcome to come by to see with eyes if you want.


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If you are going to use 2-part as well, I would just save yourself the money and do what I am doing and what Efrain is doing. it has worked for me for years.