hypo and copper at same time...

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I have read and read every thread/link I can find on combining the two treatments of hyposalinity and copper both together, at the same time. The info I have found states only basic information and does not have any research to support it. Anyone have any reading on these issues, or better yet experience or data? Please let me know as I am in the process of lowering salinity in a 29G QT with 6 fish in it currently(bare bottom/PVC shelter only)! Thanks
hello?? Anyone out there? I have posted several times on this thread with no responses, surely someone has something to add. Any input would help, thanks!
I don't know how much research you need to support it. It is obvious to anyone that has used hyposalinity that the pH tends to drop and must be monitored daily and buffered as needed. It is also a known fact that copper becomes more toxic as the pH goes down. Combine the fact that the pH drops in hyposaline conditions with the fact that copper becomes more toxic at a lower pH and you have a recipe for disaster.

It is also worth noting that copper is a toxin and that it suppresses immune function. Besides that, either one of these treatments is effective against Cryptocaryon irritans without the other if administered correctly. I don't see an advantage in combining the two.

Terry B
hypo and copper

hypo and copper

Hypo will work if you if you monitor GH and KH while treating.
I also recommend copper sulfate 1/2 dose and finally 50% water
changes every day.
Hope this helps if you need more info let me know