ID? Banana wrasse??, reef-safe???


New member I finally got my blue-tail damsel out. Have a 14-month old reef tank (38-gallon.) Lots of coral good CuC, overall tank is doing well. I only have a maroon clown (most mellow maroon ever) and a pajama cardinal, so want to keep a non-agg tank. I bought a fish sold as a "banana wrasse" and am not even sure thats what it truly is. It is solid yellow with three black spots, two dorsal and one at the base of the tail. He seems VERY non-aggressive, actually quite skidish...but he is eating well and seems to be adapting to the tank just fine. From looking at pics online is does NOT seem to be Thalassoma lutescens or the true banana wrasse. So, 1. What is this fish? 2. Reef-safe? Sorry about pic, he is VERY camera shy.