inconstant foam in octo rps-3000


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first i did a few mods to her... added some green mesh thing i had around.. and a gg screen to hold her firmly in place but still fliffy.. tied down with 15lb fishing line, enlarged the outlet pipe and bore out the pipes some... i can tell that it pulls more but hot sure on how much.. no meter.. my water lvl is 1/4'' under the body to slanted potion when on.. ( if i shut the thing down and only have the feed pump on it's about 1.5 inches under the convershion)

now the problem.. i get inconsistant foam head on this thing... when i have foam it is a nice and steady foam head ( like for a few hrs ) then all in a sudden i would lose the head completly.. the foam wount make it up the neck ( the part afther the convershion) at all.. i just see a bunch of 'wet' foam just bubling right under the neck.. what the problem?? sry i cant post pic ( 56k.. it would take forever..)



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are you dosing anything immediately before it does this? Also is the return tube above the water in your sump? Also, I would keep the foam level right at the bottom of where the body of the skimmer and the cone begin (below the union).


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return is above water... soo outlet is constant.. it loses the head by itself.. somtimes when i come home from work i see it like that so as far as i know it dose it by itself... ill try raising the lvl but i think it would skimm to wet.. ill see...