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Hey, I just orderderd two magrove plants online, what kinds of light do these guys like? also, I am planning on building a planter box inside my sump for the mangroves. How much sand would you need ? Information that I got online said that these plants only like 1.5"-2" of "mangrove mud" ............ Has anyone here been able to gorw mangroves?

Mangroves are very slow growers. They prefer 6500k or less. Mud is not essential. They can grow from hanging in syrofoam or planted. Just make sure they recieve plenty of magnesuim 1300ppm and maybe an iron supplement. They are awesome trees if they look like they are dead leave them be, they will return. All of my leaves turned brown and fell off. On another note they will thrive in a humid setting.
I only use 2 different supplements.1)iron and manganese 2)magnesium. Both by Kent.
I wish they would hurry up and grow, the roots can make a stunning display! Not sure what else i can do to help these trees grow better? Julian Sprung created a 4pager on these trees, its located off page. good luck keep us informed
now, with Mangroves; are the roots the only thing that should be submerged in wateror, can the water touch the trunk. If the water comes in contact with the trunk will the Mangrove die?
As far as Fertilizer goes, won't Iron hurt the corals and other inverts in the aquarium?
Here are some picts of my new Mangrove plants. I'm wondering if I have the water level is to high for them?, or if I should raise them up a little bit.


Is there anyway to stunt the grow of mangroves? I know that this sounds like the opposite of what you would want to do, but I would like to keep them in there own aquarium that would have a hood on top. That is the only way that my mom will let me do it.
I think you could treat it like a Bonsai tree and Trim it back. This should stunt the growth of the mangrove so, you could keep it in your aquarium.

How long have you had yours?
i been growing mangroves for years living here in florida they are very hardy. and grow in my back yard
i grow them in a course arognite and they do great roots dont have to be in the sand but they will do better
also there is no problem having the stalk in the water i have some with the leaves just coming out of the water,, and all 8 inchs of the stalk is in the water
i use dose iodine and iron 24/7 0.2ml/hr
i wouldnt cut the mangrove it will take months to make new shoots if they even will
remember they love the hot sun so if they dont get enought light they will just grow tall with leaves haveing about 3 inchs of stalk between them.
in the wild they are very dence trees
I think mine are doomed.... Because al the leaves fell off. When you say bright light would 2x 40watt bulbsd work okay. I have my mangroves rubberbanded to the outake pipes of my skimmer.
well it enough to keep them alive but they wont grow fast at all
with that kind of light they need to be 3 to 4 inchs close to the light
if the leaves have fell off
they are dieing
really they could use more light
but they do ok when they reach the light i just remove them and plant them on the shore line behind my house
sure thing
everything you see is mostly hand built by me except fot the oceanic 120 rr tank
i havent made the doors yet i keeping giving my wife the excuse i cant find the right router bit
so far its been working
also there is my dosing equipment and my wifes 15 gal
with a oranda goldfish