Interesting water levels


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that was odd..
PH 8.0
Amonia .8\
Nitrite 0.3
Nitate 0
Phosphate 0.6
Salinity 1.20

COPPER .10??
I am using instant Ocean tests.
marco rocks
caribsea live aragonite
RO/DI water

I would assume I have a fase test. I did it twice.
What do you think?


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Was the tank a freshwater tank at one time? Hopefully it's a bad test. Are you using Tap water? Your salinity looks off. Most of us keep it at 1.026. ;)


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New tank. RO/DI. I don't use tap for anything in the system. Since it's not a reef, I was going to salinity around 1.023.


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bost up the salinity between 1.o24-1.026.
your PH should aslo be between8.2 and 8.4
yea i would maybe take it to your LFS you really shouldnt see to much in the way of amonia in a new tank like that


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I did take the sample to the LFS. I did not have a test for copper here. They also used instant ocean tests. I assume the amonia is high, becuase of the die off in the sand??