is it possible


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doryarlin955 wrote is quote in the aqua tech frag meet for the 24th of feb.
I really want to go.. never been to a frag swap before and I wouldnt mind some new stuff. My dad says he won't drive me all the way out there just for fish though... I wish there was one held here in rochester... :'( (hint hint)
I would have to agree with doryarlin,we do have to host one here in the Rochester area. I would be more then glad to host, it at my house. I would just have to do a lot of sweet talking to her.:lol: but anyhow anyone have any input on the ideal about a rochester meet:thumbsup: :thumbdown


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you could always ask people around here for rides? Someone might oblige if you offer to toss them a little gas money ;)


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Ski, doryarlin955 is not related to me .LOL.
but like I said we need one here in the rochester area.
also I would have to sweet talk my WIFE into letting me host one.
and I don't know how many would drive to no mans land, here out in sodus.


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Hey, wow someone noticed me!! lol jk. But Im glad that others share my opinion and I cant wait for a Rochester meet. :D
Unfortunatley I really doubt my parents would let someone else take me there, for obvious reasons. If it was someone we knew... maybe but for me I doubt I could make it to anything more than 30 minutes away.
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