Is this powerhead any good?


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Sure. I would suggest at least two of them however, so that you can achieve a more random, chaotic flow. FWIW - I use 4 of the larger ones in my 120m spread across the back of the tank pointed upwards to agitate the surface and angle across the tank. Depending on what you plan on keeping, I think you'll be just fine with them, although you might also consider the newer model with the magnet/cup on the back - it allows for much easier positioning and they can be removed without moving their magnets.


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i would do the Koralia Third Generation Powerhead (1350 GPH) - Hydor but probably op for the Koralia Third Generation Powerhead (1950 GPH) - Hydor. think on bulk reef supplie there is only a 5 nuck difference.,


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What do you plan on keeping? Is it just a Tank with Fish and Live Rock? Also know as FOWLR. Corals and what kind? You'll need powerheads that turnover the tank 20-40+ times per hour depending on the Corals you keep. Also, don't confuse sump flow with water movement as they are two different things. Example, is 55x20 is 1100gph for the minimum 20 times per hour.

The benefits of having good water movement and flow include:

1) Increased oxygen levels through improved water movement at the surface
2) Allow food to be carried to the tank inhabitants and corals
3) Allow wastes to be carried away from the tank inhabitants and corals
4) Help with the photosynthesis and calcification processes of corals
5) Help prevent the build-up of detritus
6) Helps to create a more natural environment for your tank inhabitants.
7) Can help to prevent some types of marine algae from getting a strong foot hold in your aquarium.

Some of the problems you could have if you have too low water movement or too low flow

1) Excessive nitrates and phosphates from allowing detritus to build up and remain in dead spots.
2) Good conditions for pathogenic bacteria to grow (the bacteria that causes infections in fish and corals).
3) Slow growth in corals
4) Ineffective or reduced biological filtration from your live rock
5) Ineffective or reduced filtration from your skimmer (or other forms of filtration you are using).

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