Just watched my female Bangaii give birth


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This was just too amazing. I was pretty sure she was pregnant. A few minutes ago, I noticed that she was swimming up against the male and vibrating. Got some of that behavior on video (need to know how to post this). It took about 20 minutes and, although I missed videoing it (grrrr), I suddenly saw the egg sack pop out. Within less than a second, the male had it in his mouth. You can see it in his mouth just a bit. I can't imagine what it will look like in a few days.

How long before the fry hatch?

I've seen fresh water fish spawn but never like this. It was incredible and although I know the fry will be food for the other fish, I feel lucky to have seen the entire thing.

So, how do I post video? I know how to post pictures but the video will be too large.


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I think she just gave "Labor Day" a new meaning!!

This is SO exciting!!!! Congrats I creating the perfect environment for them.

PM sent on uploading vids.

I'd love more info on what made you suspect the female was prego. I didn't catch that whole part of my cardinals' timeline.

When I get home I'll look and perplex back on the days it took before the fry ventured into the real world. If I'm to guess, I'd say it was just short of 4 weeks...but longer than 3 weeks.

Can't wait for the video


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Very cool. Are you going to get a long spine urchin for the babies to go into?


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Very cool. Are you going to get a long spine urchin for the babies to go into?

Never heard of that. I don't plan on raising the fry so it's not a big deal. I would like to see them hatch though. I was actually thinking about setting up a web cam but the problem is that it could happen anywhere in the tank. Just have to stay vigilent when I'm home.