Leak Proof Closed Loop Design?


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I am trying to design a tank for my office. It is going to be peninsula tank with 3 viewing panels. Can you guys take a look at the attached crude drawing and see if it is a good design and if there is anything that can to be improved.

No Powerheads on 3 viewing panels
Leak Proof.

A. Overflow:
--Beananimal overflow-good safety, and low noise
--Bulkhead on side of tank instead of bottom-Low chance of failure draining the tank.
B. Closed Loop
--Plumbing under the sand allows me to create water flow to entire tank without the need of power head on other side.
--DC Pump-Can create wave function
--Pump in overflow-better for pump, and wont be a problem if fitting/pump leak a little. No chance of failure draining the tank.
--Soft tubing-make access to the pump and serving pump easier.


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I disagree with your theory that 2 ports of a CL will give you adequate flow, especially if you expect to have rock. Why not look at the gyre pump and mount it on your overflow side? You get complete flow coverage and you have no power heads on a visible pane.


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I am going to add some power head on that side if the closed loop doesn't give enough. I just want to give some flow from the other side too.

Any recommend way to have a lower profile power head or if there is anyways to make the power head recess into the divider? I wish the MP40 has both side what proof that woulda been perfect lol


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Look at the gyre. It works really well, far more flow than an MP40 and one will give you plenty of flow. I use one on a 180 and that is all the flow I need for my SPS tank.


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Just saw the the Gyre. That will be what I am going for. No internal divider which give me even more tank real estate. Maybe I will get 2 Gyre so I can have one in vertical one in horizontal. That would be pretty intense flow.