LF: water troughs


avid Reefer
big ones....i need like two 100 gallon container....for a sump system i'm building

their is gotta be a place that i can find that has them in stock locally...like chandler mesa area

or ever those big square style sump container that AA uses

any ideas peeps??


avid Reefer
Where on cl ...most i saw were metal or two small

Im in tge process of building a fish room!!!! Sry a little excited bout it

I plan on doin a 300 gallon DT. And having bout a 140 gallon s in a sump...i figured having two 100small gallon sumps would give me more than enough space and some extra room for over flow / pump shutdown


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Feed and hydroponics stores are your best bet. If not, check out the aquaculture subforum because I think they have links to a bunch of different types. Good luck!