LFS Question


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Hey guys, Im looking at selling my 75 gallon freshwater tank. I would of loved to be able to get rid of the thing as a package but it seems people who want a tank don't want to deal with the freshwater fish.

My question is anyone know of any LFS that will buy for cash or store credit African Chiclids? I have about 16 of them Yellow Labs, Jalo Reef (blue with yellow fins very cool) Red/Yellow Zebras, and Two Random Big Blue and Black Strips can't remember the name. I also have 3 plecos, and 2 Red Fin sharks.

Dont know if anyone has an idea what a store would give me for them but it seems the only way to sell my 75 is to get the fish out first.


Serenity is so expensive
Barrier Reef in Boca will buy them, they have Chiclids also you could try Fish's Paradise in Hallendale, they have lots of Fresh Water fish as well.


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Tried Barrier Reef they told me they would take them as a donation... Meaning they will sell them for 100% profit. Ill Fish Paradise.


I got burned selling fish to a lfs. They had a "48 hour" hold policy and i went back a week later and they said they didnt know me. Im tough to not recognize. I took the fault for not getting anything in writing or taking pics with my phone but my advice with this post is to exercise caution when dealing with these stores.