lighting a corner tank?


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Got a free corner tank with stand, was told it was a 54g but turns out it is really only about 45-47 gallons. I want to go T5 for the lighting but I am having a few concerns. I am worried about coverage of the entire tank...the tanks bow is about 35 inches, which leaves me the options of a 24 or 30 inch light fixture. I plan keeping most of the LR and corals from the back corner to about the middle(or little more than that) of tank, leaving the front more open for fish to swim. With that in mind, I was thinking of getting the 24 inch light so it would be placed further back on the tank. If i go this route, I know I cant keep corals up front, but will the tank look to dark up front? Any suggestions or solutions other than pendant lighting? thanks

dimension are: 35" at the bow, 25" sides, and 21" deep
Hi, I have a 36g corner tank. I wound up putting a 250w Ice Cap Mogul pendant w/ 250w Bluewave HQI ballast & Radium bulb over mine. I don't have water in it yet because it's still in build process... but really, really, really close to being finished.

I did give T5's thought... I spoke with GrimReefer & he suggested the Aquactinics TX5 fixture. It is 5 bulbs, but they are actively cooled w/ a fan which gives them the output of most 6 bulb fixtures. You can get this fixture in 24" version.

May I suggest a MH pendant though? It is smaller, looks better (IMO) and costs less honestly. Do some research... I hope this helps.
+1 Aquactinics TX5

I also have 250W halide over my 36g corner bow. I was running pendant, but ended up building a hood for a cleaner look. The combo I have is 250W PFO HQI ballast with a PFO mini pendant running a 250W geisseman megachrome coral bulb. Here is a recent pic:


I love this bulb and I loved it enough to buy a second one. I find the color very pleasing as I'm not a fan of the overly blue look. The megachrome coral bulb had a great par rating from Sanjay on this ballast and it is very natural looking. There is no supplementation in that pic, but I am adding LED for dawn/dusk this week.


p.s. sorry for the microbubbles. I'm working on it:p
Sure is the case, Eddie.

Thanks, she's the boss of the little black one behind her:p And of me... she demands food when I'm near. haha.

I like the Aquactinics TX5 fixture above. Nice look! If your are really looking for some dawn/dusk features, then this fixture would be a good one.

You can hang it from the cieling as well.

PFO also makes a MH/PC pendant that has a 250w MH & 2x32 PC. The pendant is something like 16"x13". It is even cooled by a fan as well. This is a good pendant to hang over a corner tank.

I almost bought it... but wound up just getting the MH only pendant by Ice Cap to save a little money.
It's so funny how we all have different tastes in lighting.

Redsnook, I hope these pix give you an idea of the color you want in the tank. When I first entered the hobby I was all into the blue and went with Radium 20K on my first tank. I think it is all a matter of preference so just keep looking at pictures to get an idea of what you like:) You may also want to think about the habitat from which your coral is coming.