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We've lost interest in maintaining our tanks and want to get them cleared out before the holidays so we have room for our tree, decorations, etc. Pickup only in Wildomar, CA (north of Temecula).

For sale:
240g (96" x 24" x 24") eurobraced glass aquarium with stand, sump, pump, etc-- whole package asking $1,200 or in parts as priced:

Glass aquarium - center overflow, eurobrace. Two corner returns. Some scratches on left side and a superficial chip (evaluated professionally to not be structural and has been full of water for a year with no issues). $400

Stand - solid wood, three maple doors and ends. 31" high. No water damage. $250

Sump - Pictured, 3 chamber professionally set up. Sized 40" x 18" x 16"$300

Return Pump - Waveline DC-10000 with digital controller $200

65 Gallon tank, less than one year old purchased new from Petco. Features:
Aquatic Life Halo lights (1 Deluxe, 1 Basic) and two Aquatic Life brackets. With original boxes, receipts, etc.
Reef Octopus 2000 HOB skimmer - with original box, receipt, etc.
Live sand, rock, two clownfish, two angelfish, diamond goby, lawnmowing blenny, crabs, Koralia 1150gph powerhear.

Whole 65 gal setup for $900 or Aquatic Life lights/brackets for $500, Skimmer for $125, glass/stand for $300.


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These need to move, 20% off all above mentioned prices. Anything less than that and I'll part them out on ebay / store them. Any takers?


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I apparently don't have enough posts to reply to DM. However to answer what I've received, no I won't come any lower than 20% off the prices stated above.