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Hi, I've been looking into getting an octopus for quite some time now. I've been over to and asked a ton of questions. I believe I'll be ready to start up an octopus tank as soon as I can get another tank.

I know that Jack at fishsupply is the guy to go to as far as bimacs go. But, just in case people didn't know, over at, they have cuttlefish as well. Over there they retail for $150. Steep, but I've never seen a cuttlefish anywhere for sale before. It says they are unavailable right now, but you might have to call them to see if they're going to get one in. Just thought I would keep you posted for all the people that wanted cuttlefish.
Sorry I didn't use the search and realise that this had already been mentioned. It seemed familiar, but I wasn't sure.
Cuttlefish Availability

Cuttlefish Availability

Dude I have been on a waiting list for one of those cuttlefish for quite some time. Thanks for the lead, but who knows when they will actually get some.:mixed: