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I get it from time to time in one tank.
Usually tends to grow on my power heads a good vinegar soak and scrub and it's gone for months. I did notice the other day I've got some on one rock right now for the first time in a long while. :(
IME it doesn't spread quickly and burns itself out easily. If you can get the rock(s) out you should be able to peel a lot of it off. Then water changes, GFO etc. the usual drill.
You know do as I say not as I do. :D
were did you get that?
I was taught different algae favor certain nutrients and can lie dormant for years until that "special mix" is present then they'll start to grow. When their specific nutrient supply is exhausted they'll die out again. Doesn't really explain why it usually grows only on plastic in my tank but that's the general idea. :lol:


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I have had it from time to time also. I usually peel it off once it gets to be 2-3" or so and then try to brush it off the rock. I have never had it in a place where I could not remove the rock.

Tough stuff though, sort of like a thick leaf. I also have never had it grow to quick.


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I had a big problem with it once. If you pull the affected rocks/equipment out now and give it a good scrub and rinse you should be fine.

Like said above it's a slow grower so even if you don't get it all it isn't to bad. It can be a job to get rid of if you let it go though.