Looking for a good nano stand. Furniture suggestions welcome


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After a small hiatus in the hobby, I am finally setting up a new aquarium! It’s an old 15g Waterbox. I have a stand with it but am looking for something a bit larger. Footprint of aquarium is 15in x 15in.

What I would like to do is incorporate a sump. For an aquarium this size a sump of 20L should be more than enough. I would like to have it all enclosed. Doesn’t have to be a standard aquarium stand. In the past using a solid wood construct has worked well. However they have become near impossible to find anymore.



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I've always gotten my custom stands through various LFSs. They usually have contacts with local cabinet makers/woodworkers.



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I agree with Kevin, could look to the LFS or local cabinet maker. I guess it depends on the look your going for. If you’re going for enclosed, perhaps look into T-Slot Aluminum stands where you can do custom skins for the outside.