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I just purchaesed a 90 gallon AGA tank it has alot of live rock and such. There is going to be a few day move between the tank i am going to paint the tank drill two holes and piece it together. Will the mandarin be alright if its placed in a 55 gallon tank with a few powerhead's and heater and all live rock. Will there be anything that might affect the health of the mandarin it has been in the tank for a year and a half should i puchase some pods to help the tank and such


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I work at a lfs and we have had mandrins live in a fairly bare system for a few days with no problems (except for possible weight loss). For the overall health of your personal fish I have only two suggestions. Place all rocks in containers underwater, don't expose it to air so your pods dont escape and make sure your new tank is up to a steady temp before adding him/her in.