Mantis and Spiney Blue Lobsters


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I have 2 small spiney blue lobsters, about 3 inches or so. They are waiting for a 180 gal FOwLRLS to mature a bit. In the LR I got I found a mantis shrimp. I didn't want to flush him so I put him in the only place I could, the labster tank.
They all seem very happy in there, it's been about a month so far. I also have a few hermits and several snails, a green hairy mushroom, a yellow polyp and 2 small LR. It's only a 10 gal tank so I get great views of everyone.

My question.... Has anyone heard of these guys peacefully co-existing before or is this just an anomaly and soon they will be beating each other up.
It depends on the relative sizes of the two species. The 3 inch lobsters should be fine if the mantis is less than about 2 inches.