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hello all

Sorry if this has already been posted, or i missed it in the DIY section but the search function is down and the world cup is on sooo.... hehe

Anyways, does anyone have any good plans for a DIY media reactor? say, based off of the principles of a phosban reactor?

It's fuction is pretty intuitive and its easy to build just based off of principles of flow, but I'd rather get it right and 100% effective


I was thinking about using a 3 1/2 to 4 inch acrylic tube, roughly a ft tall for my 90 gal semi-reef (i'm thinking about going all reef) and loading it to the brim with phosban and various media since i plan on making multiple reactors. I was given one of those Ebay ro/di units and it worked pretty well aside of the fact that it only took out some of the phosphates into my water.


I have an old fluval 304 and I was thinking about using that instead of a media reactor. But because I'm really anal about my tank and in the way it looks, sump included, I was going to keep the fluval on hand in case it was necessary and use the media reactor for the more "professional" look. Should I just suck it up and save the effort and use the canister or go for the reactors?

Do you guys think that its overkill?

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It has been discussed a few times. The general feeling is that Kent or TLF sells them with little markup so the savings just isn't there and it might actually cost more to DIY this one. So the Fluval gets my vote or shell out the $35 for one. Just my opinion.


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They are cheap enough to buy, but if you happen to have the materials laying around their easy to make.