MH - High Pitch sound


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One of my newer MH is making a high pitch noise. It is constant and can be very annoying while trying to watch TV.

Setup is an ICECAP 250W MH with XM10K bulb. Ballast is about 1 year old and the bulb is maybe 2-3 months old. Bulb is on 8 hours a day and the noise seems to be louder at night after the bulb has been on for most of the day.

Anyone else ever experience this or have any idea what could be causing it.




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:) Is there any fans associated with the ballast? Some ballast boxes have a computer fan to help keep them cool (my aquamedic does, but its a magnetic ballast). I need to get around to replacing the fan on it because every 6 months or so the fan will start making noise. Taking the ballast apart and putting a drop of oil on the fan has always solved it in the past.


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Ive had that happen before, but its never lasted long. I think its mainly a problem with electronic ballasts. Try changing the nipple orientation of the bulb if it doesn't stop.