mounting idea


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I have a 240 acrylic tank with 4" lip. A week ago my T24 package came. I was able to mount one pump to the overflow box. The other pump, I mount to my tunze cleanin magnet just to see them in action. It worked great but the idea of a $200 powerhead holder doesn't sit well with me.

This morning I was at target and came across an acrylic soap dish made for the shower. It had two 2" suction cups and seems to be the ideal solution for me situation.

I cut off the back panel with my trusty dremel and mounted the pump to it. I try to post some pics later.

Works like a charm and the 2x6100s rock!!!
The problem with suction cups is they always will fail and with 3200gph, failure could be a catastrophe. Just be careful with suction cups- check them periodically as the material will become hard and no longer adhere well.