moving a mantis


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my Odontodactylus scyllarus arrived yesterday from FFE and I need to move the Gonodactylus chiragra that is in the 29gal I had intended to use for the peacock. right now the peacock is in my 15 gal refugium that is connected to my main system.

any suggestions on moving a matnis shrimp? do you use a big net or try to get them into a plastic container (sterile, I know) of some sort?

thanks in advance and i'll try to post some pics as soon as i get some good ones.

just use a big net... most of the time they don't give a big fuss... sometimes they might jump around .. just don't let it flip out..
but my friend's shrimp fell on the concrete ground and it's still
doing fine.. they're tough lil creatures.
A net usually works well, but you need to watch for the animal stabbing through the net with its dactylus. If this happens the appendage can become caught and more than once I have seen it torn off as the animal struggles. I usually take two precautionary measures. First, I have handy a shallow plastic container into which I can place the net, animal and all. If they are supported by the container, they are less likely to strike and stab the net. Secondly, I usually have a pair of fine scissors handy so that I can cut the animal free if it does become snagged. It can be a real panic running around looking for something to cut a net if the animal is stuck.

that's right. there was a mistake with my first shipment as they sent me a species other than O. scyllarus.

The mantis I recieved on the 18th was my back-ordered replacement peacock.

I'll try to post pics later today.