Moving - Need Help / Advice


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Hey all. I have been off the grid for about a year now, but its been for a good reason. I have been building a new house! More importantly the new house has a fish roof - yeah! I am about to move but have a problem. I need to store my 180G reef corals, rock and inhabitants while I re-plumb my tank and set up the fish room. Any ideas? I was thinking I could get one of those extra sturdy Rubbermaid tanks - like perhaps for a pond and temporarily stage my setup in that in my garage (with a chiller of course) - while I prep my room for the move.

Does anyone have a large holding tank like that I could rent or borrow? Any other suggestions? I am about to move in about 3 weeks.



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Call me,

I just moved from Corpus Christi, TX, to Tamp FL, and lost 2 fish out of 43. Anything from a damsel to my 15 inch Passer. And the only reason, I lost those (2) was I had some trouble on the road that cost me (2) more days than planned. The fish spent (4) days on the road. I can tell you the pros and cons, but it CAN BE DONE!!!

I broke down (2) 150 gallon tanks and (1) 325 gallon tank. I can walk you through. It is painful, but I consider my fish like my dogs. I have had them forever and watch them grow up.

Instead of writing a book, please call me. I do have all my stuff still and you can barrrow it.

Call me at 434-386-7185. I will be glad to help.