My 3 month old 180 gallon reef


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Here it is, I'd love your thoughts... I can't seem to keep the temparature under 80 as it gets very hot in the stand, despite 2 fans. You'll see I have insulation in the back, so it's hard for cool air to get in the stand. My house is 79 degrees but it's 105 outside. I keep the top lids off but still can't get the temp below 80. I need to get some cool house air in the stand, any suggestions?

The strange part is that my AC JR says 81.5 but I have 4 petsmart/lfs crappy ones, 3 of which read 79/80 and one of which reads 81/82... so I don't know what's going on.

Also, suggestions as to the best anemone for the tank raised perculas?

180 gallon tank
90 gallon sump
Warner Marine AS200 skimmer
T5 retro kit 8x39w bulbs blue and white
Aquacontroller Jr with temp and ph probs
return pump = eheim 1262
2 Tunze 6125 power heads
200 lbs of live rock
UV sterilizer
ATO system

Coral - two mushroom rock, two feather dusters, torch coral, blue clam, flower pot, gorgonian and a leather coral
Fish - Emperor Angel (i know this is risky, but he's done well so far), yellow tang, blue regal tang, powder blue tang, 2 tank raised perculas, flame angel and a cleaner shrimp

Forgive the pic quality, they were taken with my iphone :(








Shane Hoffman

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Tank looks good...if it makes you feel better I have a 7 to 8 inch long (adult colored) emperor in my reef tank, he has yet to touch anything. I feed my fish 4 to 5 times a day(very small amounts).

As far as your temp problem I wouldnt be to concerned about your temp being above 80. My tank consistantly runs 81-82 degrees in the summer....then drops back down to 78 79 in winter/fall. You should worry more about drastic temp swings.