My new clam from Harbor Aquatics


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We (Phill, Los, Pattie and Shane) went to Harbor Aquatics on Sat. JT and Joy just got in close to 300 clams, BEAUTIFUL!!!! This is the one I picked up. It's about 2.5".
Hope you like it:)
Great looking clam. I love the color combination. Make sure it is feed a lot at that size. Clams are very addicting.

Thanks for the kind words, when are you going to come visit?
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As soon as the new tank is up and running. The existing 40 gal was just too jam packed w/ critters to allow me to add any clams at this point. :( And believe me, I had to restrain myself as I *really* wanted a couple of those. This 4'x2'x16" IA glass tank I bought last summer is going to rule for clams... :D

Your very welcome. Kids are going back to school in acouple of weeks. When will the new system be up and going? I would really like to come to Hoosier country in fall.