my octopus has layed eggs?


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I have a pygmy octopus, if my id is correct it is an o. Mercatoris. It is currently about 6inchs long. I have had it since jan 5 2015. I have been feeding him some live crabs i was given with him.

Today i was checking on him and noticed what looks like 2 eggs or egg sacks. What are the chances of hatching/surviving? What is the timeframe to hatch? Recommended next steps?

he is currently in a basic 30 gal setup until i can setup a escape proof octopus safe tank.


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If its a Mercatoris, chances are good for surviving, I think they are one of the few people have successfully raised. Unfortunately means that the mother is on borrowed time. Check out tonmo if you haven't, you should be able to find more info there.


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Yeah i remember watching something on discovery channel about giant pacific octopus, usually only live long enough for the eggs to hatch.