My saltwater Molly had babies!! Need advise


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I woke up and turned on the quarintinen light and I looked and all these little fish(30-50) swimming like there's no tomorrow and a few eggs tyat were floating around. I quickly tried to catch all of them and get them in a breeder basket. They didnt look to good in there so I put in a bunch of decorations and dumped them in the tank again. The decor's purpose is to keep them away from the intake. But now I don't know what to do. Any advise would be appreciated because I want them to live and this is my first fish to had babies.
Note: she was pared with a male Molly in the display tank but never guessed they would be a mating pair. It was a complete suprise to me because I didn't know she was pregnant!!!!!

The tank is a 12 gallon JBJ w/ standards and is dosed in copper. The tank inhabitants are listed below:
There is a very young blue tang, a yellow tang, a 6 line wrasse, and female Molly. (the two tangs have a very VERY close relationship to each other which is highly unusual, but adorable how the swim side by side so close together. I'm talking along the lines of centimeters from eachother and they commonly bump each other just as an added cool though:))