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Any ideas what this algae is? I had a major red macro algae outbreak in display tank a while back. Have been battling that and recently added a phos reactor. All of the red macro algae is gone but this red bubble looking stuff is spreading fast and I'm wondering if any one has seen it or has any ideas how to get rid of it. Thanks in advance.

OMG, I am kinda an algea freak, and have seen lots of the unsual species but NEVER anything like this! WO. Anyone have that Algae book, maybe in there? Lemme look around.

Is the blue a reflection? Coraline? Too bad its a nasty algae its kinda pretty lol.
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Botryocladia skottsbergii: Red Valonia/Red bubble algae from the looks and sounds of it. I read a few places to try an emerald crab but several other people said it didnt work. Here is the text from on this stuff. and here is the direct link. GOOD LUCK thsi stuff sounds worse than the green variety. After reading I would try a Cheato or Gracilaria Sp. for competiton in the sump... may work?

Spreading red bubble algae! At my wits end! 4/15/07
I am currently struggling with red bubble algae in my 14 gallon BioCube. My tank is 6 1/2 months old. I have been battling this red bubble algae for the last two months. It is spreading and getting worse, as you will see in the attached photos.
<Can see this... does look like a Botryocladia infestation... of epic proportions>
It started off with what looked like red/burgundy or even blood spattered looking stuff over the top of one of my rocks. Then it turned into red bubbles. Hard, solid bubbles. Now it has spread to the next rock. I was told not to pop any of the bubbles because it will release spores into my tank and cause it to spread more. I was told not to remove the rocks and scrub it off and then rinse and return the rock to my tank because it will continue to come back. I was told that putting a small Foxface in my tank will take care of the problem,
<Mmm, not likely>
but as soon as I took the Foxface out after it ate all the bubble algae, it would come right back. I cannot even think about this option because my tank is too small for a Foxface, and I already have 3 small fish in my tank that I am quite attached to. I was then told that my only option would be to totally tear my tank down; siphon all water, remove the sand, rocks, etc... and start all over again with everything new, after scrubbing my tank and equipment clean. Is this the only way to get rid of the red bubble algae?
<Mmm, no... there are a few other approaches worth considering>
I am very frustrated with it at this point and it breaks my heart if I have to start all over again. What do I do with my current tank inhabitants and corals?
<Mmm, depends...>
My tank inhabitants are a percula, sixline wrasse, midas blenny, fire shrimp, 10 tiny blue legged hermits, pom pom crab, 4 Astrea snails, 2 Nassarius snails, and electric blue legged hermit crab. Coral-wise, I have a pagoda cup, star polyps, button polyps/zoos, mushrooms, finger leather, xenia and Octobubble coral. What causes this bubble algae
<Like crimes... access, motive...>
and if I have to break everything down and start all over again, how do I make sure that it doesn't come back? Also, how harmful is it if "nothing" is done?
<Might cause a collapse... cascade event if something becomes rate limiting...>
I do 20% water changes every other Saturday using Nutri-Seawater, I top off using RO/DI water. My parameters have all been consistent for the last 4 months. Temp: 80.9, Ammonia: 0, PH: 8.2, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 0, Calcium: 450, Salinity: 0.126. I feed my fish twice a day during the week with frozen brine, mysis, emerald entree, marine cuisine, (mixing it up from day to day) and on the weekends, I just feed once a day. I have my lights on a timer; actinics on from 7am-6pm, regular lights on from 8am-5pm, and then the moonlights on from 6pm-7am. Is there anything that I can do/try before having to tear down my whole tank?
<All sorts...>
I was told to send you an e-mail because if anyone would be able to properly advise me and help, it would be you. I am looking forward to your response.
P.S. The first pic shows what the bubble algae looked like 2 months ago, the second and third, from 1 month ago, and then the rest are from today.
<Mmm, there are a few places I would read before settling on a course of trials, changes here...
and the linked files above, where you lead yourself... A multiple "front" approach is advised... nutrient limitation, macrophyte competition... perhaps adding a purposeful refugium, DSB... Bob Fenner>
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Thanks for the info. I need to reread all of these links and figure out a plan of attack. i currently don't have a refugium but may have to set something up even temporarily to try to get rid of this stuff. I am in the planning stages of a 90 mixed reef set up and was planning on using the rock from my urrent 45. I want to make sure this stuff is completely gone before it goes into the new tank...