Need some lighting help!


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Im trying to get back into a hobby which I love so much. i used to have a SPS LPS mixed reef for a long time but had to sell cause I was in college and didnt have the time anymore. Here is a photo of my tank:


Thats just me qualifying so you dont think Im a newb.

But My question is about lighting on my new tank. I have a 20L and I will eventually be doing SPS in it so I need bright light, amongst other things. I am looking at different lighting and Have pretty much decided to go with T5. But now im trying to decide what fixture will work. Im trying to keep the price down as much as possible cause i have other things to buy. I have found these bargain T5 fixtures on ebay:

Ebay fixture

I know Its not the best quality and the bulbs will probably be bad, but i will be changing some out almost imediatly. Will a fixture like that work? as 20L isnt very deep.

And If you think that it wont work Could you think of a fixture that may be cost efective and good? I guess my budget is 200 +- 30 bulbs included.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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For 230$ you can make yourself a nice DIY fixture with a workhorse balast, 4x reflector and 4 good bulbs.


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The problem with that fixture is that I would bet it is an common reflector for all bulbs instead of individual reflectors. One of the chief benefits of T5 bulbs (small diameter) is that it allows for individual reflectors which is much more efficient at getting light down into the tank where you need it.

It is still quite a bit of light, though...