New Clams tomorrow, but need some help!


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I currently got a 150watt MH with a fluro actinct light. I already got an electric blue clam in my tank (T. derasa) about 12cm. Im getting a 4cm Blue squamosa and a 8cm Gold squamosa off work tomorrow and they are under two 10,000K fluros with an actinct light. They are 40cm below the lights and i was wondering how would i correctly accumlate them? Treat it like a fish? But would i have to treat them like SPS? Like place them on the gravel first then slowly place them on the rock at a higher level in the tank?

Definately treat them more like an sps when it comes to lighting but also drip them for acclimation. I would start them at the bottom of the tank and work them up if they dont like it but considering what they were under and what you have they'd probably do best at the bottom of the tank. T. deresa and T.squamosa arent as light intensive and the crocea's, but still need plenty of light.

Me and my american head is converting your cm into inches and your blue squam is i am guessing a 1.5 incher so make sure you target feed that bad boy with dt's. Most of their nutrition will be from that.