new mantis ID, try to describe it as best as I can.


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Sorry, I dont have a pic, but I think I can describe it pretty good. I just picked up a new little spearer mantis. Looks kinda like G. Smithii coloration except its a spearer. Its dark olive with lighter green legs that and swimming appendages (dont know what exaclty they are called) and they seem to be tipped with a faint orange. I looked on Lurkers and couldn't find a pic that matched. I hope this helps. Anyone got any idea?
Thanks a bunch Dr. Caldwell, now I have a yellow and olive one. I had heard that some of thier coloring is due to thier sorroundings...Can I influence its coloring by adding certain colors to the aquarium?
Yes. Green plants or even strips of greed plastic to look like turtle grass will make them turn green with a white stripe. It seems that the color above them (grass, algae, coral) is as important as the substrate. It usually takes a couple of molts to change.