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Moving Out
Glass Aquatics
820 East Locust, Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 263-1973

Called & talked to Ryan.
Store hours:
Weekdays 2pm-8pm
Weekends Noon-5pm


New member
I've heard good stuff about them
and they have quality stuff
but I havn't made it into the store yet

this is the story I got for my friends that live a block away
they run a maintenance business
and got tired of buying goods from other stores
and needed a store front to get the better pricing
or something like that


Octopus Extreme 300 Skimr
i've been there a couple of times, and Know it all your right...
It is a maintenance business and they were looking for better pricing, Kevin & Ryan are pretty cool.

The livestock for fish is pretty much all they have


Moving Out
Ryan said they do plan on getting better lighting, so that they can have corals in the future.
How's that for being responsible?