New to Photography- G10 Cannon


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I never owned a camera before. My wife takes all the pictures of the family. So I decided to get a Cannon G-10 P&S camera for my reef tank and family photos. Does anyone own this camera that can give me some feedback? What setting do you use to take reef shots- full tank shots, Macro shots and fish. Maybe you can show me a picture or two? I'm reading the maual and it's confusing for a guy who has no clue about Photography. Thanks very much!



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Your best bet is learning how the camera works. It's very difficult to get good results by copying someone else's settings. A really good book is "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. Once you understand what is happening, when you change a setting, it's much easier to get predictable results.



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I bought one and am learning more about this everyday. its a whole other hobby to learn about that s for sure.


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Yeah I see it's going to be a long process. I pretty much have the reefkeeping down but now I will start learnig the photography side of things. My goal is to take nice shots of my corals/fish and enlarge some of the better photos for framing and displaying them in my fish/TV room. I'm a long way from that though. I see this camera has a Aquarium setting I guess I'll start taking photos and see how that works. So mojo46825 how do you like the camera is it any good at taking macro shots?




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You should google:

Shutter Speed

I wouldn't go above 400 ISO with a G10 in normal conditions. If you have to you have to.


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Please post G9/G10 macro coral shots when available. I've seen samples of G9/G10 macros on Flickr but no coral shots. From the macro samples that I have seen, these cameras can be tack sharp!