New to reefing.50 gallon cube


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Hey guys I am new to reef tanks. I am purchasing a SC tank 50 gallon setup/sump tank. I plan on putting in 5-7 fish and beginner corals. I want to provide the best, hassle free, no second guessing environment that I can. Here is the list of supplies I plan on getting:

Tank comes with skimmer so I'm good.
Light- hydra 26
Powerhead - Tunze Nano stream 6055
Sand bed - fine live sand
Rock - bulk reef supply - pukani
AUTO Top Off - Tunze 3155 - or the 3152 not sure yet
RODI stage 4
GFO & Carbon reactor
Colbalt heater - what recommendations?

Might get an APEX Jr. - Any opinions would it be a worth wild investment? Any other things I may need? Any help would be much appreciated.



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APEX jr is discontinued, so you might look into upgrading

heaters, I really like Eheim Jager. one of the more reliable brands out there.


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oh sorry I had it mixed with Apex lite.

I think a Standard APEX is more worth it. The display is almost useless now because everything is controlled/monitored by Apex Fusion. Standard Apex got rid of the display unit for better probes. Your Eb4 will be filled up instantly. you will probably want to have an EB8 later once you start buying cool gadgets for your tank. A lot of newer Apex gear only connect to their new EB8. You can wait a little until they work out the issues with the new model. new tanks don't really need a controller.
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and I suggest you look into some bio filtration in the sump. It helps remove nitrate like crazy so you don't have to worry about that... Siporax is my favorite. I also use the 8x4 MarinePure blocks. My 150gal and 100gal has 0 measurable nitrate.


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The Jr is up for sale at bulkreef..
here is the link:

Anyone using this guy?

I am. The apex Jr. is the best. It has limited functionality but, you can get the breakout box and pm1 through 3 for added functionality. Works with most expansion modules.

I do auto water changes, ph, temp, alk ca and mg dosing, and control for frag tank return pump, and float switch detect. I don't rely on it for everything. Chiller has its own thermostat. Heaters, too. Skimmer and ca reactor are self contained as is the return and gyre's. The lights are on its own controller too.


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I choose Tunze 3155 over 3152 anyday. Tunze's reliability comes from the sensor eye. Float switches often clog from salt/calcium creep. Tunze pump is mehh.. The 3152 took out the sensor eye.

Apex is coming out with a float switch with dual sensor soon.