OM Squirt motor problem- anyone know if the magnets need to be in a certain order??


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Just set up my OM squirt again after taking apart to clean the calcium deposits. When I put the motor back on it doesn't seem to turn the part at all. I don't remember if there was anything to the motor magnets and if they are in right. Is this thing fried?



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Yes, they have to be in a certain order. Call Paul @ OM and he will help you out.


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If you look at them as a clock, the magnets should be at, 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.

12 and 6 ahould be the same and 3 and 9 should be the same, but opposite of the other two

The magnets at positions 12 and 6 o'clock would be positive, while 3 and 9 would be negative.


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OK, I'll take it apart tonight and take a look. I didn't notice that the magnets look different, do they? Or, does it mean two are flipped one way, two the other?



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Hi there.

I finally got to this, but after I plug it in, it doesn't do anything and then in about 1 minute starts to make clicking noises. Does anyone know if the long screws are critical? I seem to have misplaced them. :/