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If you are looking for a new pump, this one will move waves I tell ya. And it's cheaper than a VorTech!

Runs on batteries for 1.5 hours, but you DIYers can surely resolve that problem. If you had to measure how much water it moves, it says it can handle over 4 miles of travel time. :D

It is a tad large, but for the guys with big tanks, this thing's for you!


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lol! Wow... someone please buy one and DIY. I would consider it, if I wasn't terrible at DIYing, and didn't have a 58g tank :rollface:


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Marc, I was looking for a pump to put on the end of a wavysea, I think you found it! :D


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StingRay Man, StingRay Man
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He zooms around on a water scooter
By Deco!
The Deco StingRay scooter


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