Painting room while changing tank


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HI folks.

I'm having the first floor of my home painted with low VOC paint. At the same time I'm changing tanks. Plan is to empty current tank, place fish in 20g long, rock/zoanths/inverts in large plastic tub, paint room, move in new tank.

Questions to help me avoid potential catastrophe:

1. I'm assuming fish will be fine in 20L for 36 hours with tank water, heater, powerhead, some live rock, and possibly external mount skimmer (2 clowns, 1 lawnmower, 1 chromie, 1 cleaner shrimp). Am I mistaken?

2. Can the low VOC of the paint effect the tank water over the course of 24-48 hours?

3. Any advice on anything between the wood stand and the hardwood floors, or is it best just to go direct wood to wood?




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Waterborne and low VOC paints are not going to hurt your tank. Don't worry about it. There is ammonia in a waterborne paint but the amount of it is so minute it won't be a concern.

Your improv'd QT setup should be fine for those fish, especially with the skimmer aerating the water.

As for wood-to-wood, I'll let someone else chime in.


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I have painted several rooms with tanks running, no issues at all.

As for the wood/wood --- I wouldn't put anything in between them. However, I would put a pond liner b/t the sump (( assuming that you have one )) and the inside of the stand. Can even put some of the extra pond liner along the baseboards for any other spills behind the tank;

Before the tank was pushed back against the wall. The right side of the liner was put up and over the rim of the stand. Cut the liner about 4 inches shorter (( on each side )) than the stand, so you can't see it.


Can see the pond liner on the left side of this pic,



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Toothy, thanks much, mind at ease.
Todd, love the idea. Oddly enough I picked up a few cans of that spray rubber to coat the inside of the stand and never though of using pond liner. Cheers.