Penductor/Flow Accelerator on Eheim 1262 - Possible?


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Hi All,

I am in the process of redoing my RBTA species tank. It is currently a 40L (48"x12" footprint). Flow is currently done only with the return pump (an Eheim 1262 - it is four outlets spaced around the tank, works very well.

The new BTA tank will be a 100L (72"x18" footprint). I am working out the flow for this tank. I am looking at doing a closed loop and a return. I was thinking / hoping to use the Eheim 1262 as the closed loop pump.

I remember reading about penductors long ago and remember the are best on pressure rated pumps but can not remember why.

Is it at all possible to do them on a pump like an Eheim?

What are the downsides to doing this since it is not a pressure rated pump?

I am sure if the search function was up I could have quickly gotten my own answer to this but well I guess not until the upgrade is done.....



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I had one on an ocean runner which is very comparable to an eheim and it worked but I'm don't think there was any discernible difference when I ran the tank with out it. I think the pumps are too weak for an eductor to be fully used. JMO HTH.


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I kind of figured but wanted to get some more opinions/thoughts on it.

I imagine would be the same if I used an ATB Flowstar 1500...another not pressure rated pump but a little more output.


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Do you notice more flow with the eductors on vs off?

I imagine you are running two, one on each end of the SCWD?


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I had some on a eheim 1260 for a few weeks. The flow in the tank was increased significantly but it slows the flow through the sump as much of the water used to produce the flow is from the display itself. This is why I stopped using them.

I am upgrading to a 90 and intend to run dual eheim returns. One straight shot return and the other with two eductors on a scwd.

We will see how it works. On a closed loop it would work great, but I am not sure about the wear it will put on the eheim.

It might be too much flow for my application.


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Does anyone feel these put alot more wear and tear on the pumps that the pumps would not be able to handle since we are talking about non pressure rated pumps?

I assume you guys are using the 3/4" penductors?

Any difference with these vs the 3/4" lockline flow accelerators?


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They aren't very effective with a non pressure rated pump. Put a pair on an IWAKI 55 and they will really push some water. I ran a couple on a 115 gal for a while w/ the Iwaki. The unit cuts down the flow out of the pump and needs good velocity to pick up water into it's stream from the tank. Its basically an underwater venturi that pulls in water instead of air.