Peter Chefalo is a great guy

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Hi All,

Carlos wrote:
"At Reef Central we believe that members should contribute to the community before they are allowed to take away. "

Peter has been an active member in the Csea club over the years and served as a club officer for many years also. Though not real active on Reef Central in my opinion he has contributed to the community and helped a lot of us fellow reefers out. I don't know why his post said he had only five interactions in RC, maybe he changed his login name. If you read this Peter and still want to sell your gear I will help. You have contributed a lot to the Csea club and I feel deserve to sell your beautiful reef tank on this forum if you wish. Geo, help out here you have known Peter for several years.



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Very sorry to see Peter leaving the hobby, if that is what this thread is about. He did a lot for our club, and his tank was the best I've ever seen.

However, if he is looking to sell, I am in the market for a new tank right now.


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Rules are the rules. We cannot make exceptions. The rule states that you need 50 posts AND 90 days of registration to sell here at RC. The rule is made to keep trolls and scammers from coming into our forums and taking advantage of YOU, our members.

Why are you guys making this hard????


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Carlos has advised Brad to have Peter contact him. Peter simply needs to do this to work this issue out. Playing this out in public is only going to make things worse for all involved.

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