Pictures of favorite nano fish


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I am starting another tank and going with nano this time. Trying to see what favorite fish people have in their nano systems. Please post pics everyone of favorites.


Don't know what type of gobi it is. But its only 1 1/2 inch, and hasn't changed in over a year that I've had him. All I know is he came with some live rock. He's awesome cause he's what I call my ninja fish. He disappears till you feed them and he darts out from the rocks and right back in. This is the clearest pick I've been able to get since I've had it.


My second favorite is a tiger gobi.


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Below is a shot of my mystery wrasse who is colorful, docile, reef-safe and only about 2". I believe their max size is 2-3" so that'd be perfect for a nano of 30 gal+. I feed mine Arcti-pods, mysis and cyclop-eeze and seems to love it! Gets along nicely with my only other fish; an ocellaris clownfish. It's fun watching him swoop in and out of the rock work!


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+1 on the hi fin. They have a LOT of personality once they get comfortable. Please forgive the crud on the acrylic, I'm still trying to work out how best to clean near the sand.