please help ID


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I bought a small frag from a LFS that is unfortunately infested with hydroids and aiptasia. I took it out today for a daily superglue treatment when I notice these two little guys hanging out underneath. Look like very small anemones with green tips. Any ideas?



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technically coralimorphs - not really corals, not really anemones kinda in between. I would let them be.


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That is really interesting! I have something similar on a piece of rock. It's down in a small hole, so it's hard to see, but the tips definitely light up under the lunar LED's. I've wondered what it was, but it's so hard to get a picture. Thanks guys!


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i remember a while back I had what looked like a Rose anemone version of these.. it was like pom pom crab anemone sized so I couldn't tell... that was when I first setup my tank.. it died from improper lighting and water quality.