POLL: do you name your fish?

POLL: do you name your fish?

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    Votes: 34 55.7%
  • no

    Votes: 27 44.3%

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on the freshwater side, EVERYBODY names their fish. but it seems like over here...not so much. I of course do, for fun, but do you?
let's hear about it!


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my Grandaughter named all of mine of course Nemo and the Emrald crabs name is Popy Steve (thats my father ) almost all have names


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Yeah, we name them all, but my favorite name (and fish) is Munch the Mandarin. My husband named the Tang "Muss". Think about it. We have two different kinds of goby we call Moby and Toby. The Flame Angel is Bette David (it's the eyes).


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My 4 yr old daughter gets to name them all. Makes her feel involved in the whole process. Mind you mom and dad can veto it if it's not a good name.


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lol, Jesse:)
ellie... Muss tang! haha I get it!!!
you probably wanna hear my names:
margarita snail: Marge
Emerald crab: Bitsy( i plan to get another and name her Itsy)
Nassarius: Yopyop(after star wars eopies)
hermit crab: Miko
brittle star: Koru
hmm...I don't actually have any *fish*:rolleyes:


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When Poindexter, my hand fed porcupine puffer died I felt so badly that I vowed to never name a fish again. Makes when they die not so dramatic.


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im trying to decide on a name for my copper band.

i was thinking either lincoln or honest abe. if you get the pun lol, but yea any suggestions?


As soon as you name something it becomes somewhat more attached emotionally, having said this all my 'creatures' have names as I enjoy the emotion :D...

I keep stomatopods (mantis shrimp) specifically and each of the names of the creatures is a 'symbol' about them in general here are a few examples...

Megatron (G.chiragra): Taken from Transformers, leader of the decepticons...Reasons for this were simple, weight for weight the G.chiragra is the most powerful smasher known and has a very aggressive temperament, it also sports the greys & pinks/purples of Megatron in the cartoon.

Minos (L.colemani): Taken from the mythical creature 'Minotaur' reason for this is rather simple, unlike other species of spearers the eyes on L.colemani are very wide apart and have a pair of 'horns' in between them much like the bullhead of the minotaur, the L.colemani also sports rusty colours of faded red / light browns similar to fur colors.

Leviathan (L.maculata): Taken from the mythical creature directly, reasons for this and the common description for the 'Leviathan' in myth is a large serpent like sea creature, L.maculata is the largest of all stomatopod species and a very intimidating species.

Juggernaut (O.scyllarus): Taken from the villain in the comic 'X-men', reasons for this are simple, like Juggernaut out of 'X-men' the O.scyllarus is a large smashing species and not many things in the aquarium can prevent it from breaking through albeit rock, rubble, filter, heater, glass etc.

Just a few of mine :) but ever since naming them all I certainly have grown more attached and I know when 1 passes on it will hit me hard...

Dave Thebrewguy

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Naming fish has always been the kiss of death in the past for me... No names for the fishes here
A few decades ago I started my first tank and, inevitably, lost a few of my first fish. A fishkeeping friend pointed out that "once you name a fish, it's more likely to die." I've named a few over the years and many have lived a long time, but for the most part, the lesson has stuck with me.


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I have either a peanut worm that looks like a cucumber worm that hitch hiked that I just called Peanut. And of course my one clownfish is called Nemo. The Cleaner shrimp's name is pierre.


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We name all ours. Pennywise and Krusty, our clowns. C3PO, our yellow tang. Kris LeTang our yellow eyed kole tang. Oscar our grouchy lawnmower blenny, etc...

Its fun and makes them easier to point out.


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I have a clownfish in my 38g, his name is Nemo. I have a pair in another tank, they are Coral and Marlin. I have 2 damsels in another tank, they are Dumb and Dumber.