possible minor case of ich


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I have an imperator Angel and a Batfish that are showing a couple small spots on their back fin. Could this be a slight case of ich and is it normal when they are first introduced into the tank. Also do you think my UV will keep it under control? Will a water change help the situation to stay under control?


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i could suspect it and it could get worse (keep an eye on them), no the UV won't control it unless the ich was free floating which they are not, water changes IMO might make it worse as it might stress the fish making them more prone to ich. good luck Wiz ;)


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Actually, large daily water changes is one of the old methods for dealing with Ich, although it's definitely not the best or most efficient method.

I suggest you read WaterKeeper's sticky on Ich at the top of this forum for a basic understanding of the parasite and effective treatments.

In summary, the two most reliable methods are hyposalinity or copper in a separate QT while leaving the main tank fishless for 6-8 weeks to starve out the Ich left behind.
Anything else is a temporary bandaid on the problem.


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Actually there is a third method; tank transfer. It invovles moving the fish every 3 days to a clean tank for a total of 4 transfers. This leaves the ich(cryptocaryon irritans) that leaves the fish behind with no host.