Potential disaster?


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Our not very aware daughter decided to boil her toothbrush while we were away from the house. She left the pan boiling away. By the time she remembered, the toothbrush is nothing but ashes and the house is full of awful smelling smoke!

It was just pure luck there wasn't a fire. No one was hurt.

Do you think there is a danger to the fish/corals? I estimate the exposure to smoke to be about 30-45 minutes.

If so, is there anything I can do?

Reef Frog

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I bet you'll be ok if the tank hasn't crashed yet. I'd air out the house, turn off the protein skimmer for a while, run some new carbon as a precaution, and have a talk with your daughter! Also being prepared to perform a large water change couldn't hurt. Good luck.


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Hard to say. What's in the air usually goes into the water. I agree with airing out the house and fresh fresh carbon. Perhaps some polyfilter or cuprisorb too. A few 15% water changes wouldn't hurt.


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I agree with adding some fresh carbon. I suspect the tank will be okay, if there's no problems so far.


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Thanks everyone. I don't think there will be a problem. Just a little panic on my part! :(

Luckily the reef tank is in the living room and quite far from the kitchen. We got home soon after the smoke started. Opened all the windows - hurray for a 85 degree day!

I didn't think about turning off the skimmer till all the smoke had cleared and we calmed down. It was tense around here for a while.

New carbon going in today.