Potters angel...expert only, why?


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The problem with them is they can be hard to get to eat. We were lucky with the first one. He ate the second he went in the tank. And we lost him in a tank crash. The second one died of starvation. It didn't matter what we put in there he wouldn't eat. Even clams on the half shell.

So honestly it is hit or miss with these guys:)


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yea this angel is no joke. ive tried 3 times to keep one and ive lost all of them within a few days.


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I had one for about 6 months...he ate anything and everything...then just died for no apparent reason :( He was one of my favorites. So I don't have an answer for you but good luck if you get one, they are beautiful and full of personality.


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The first one I had lasted about 2 months, was eating the whole time. Woke up one morning and it was dead.

My current one has been with me for 7 months, and eats like a big. IMO, it is important to have an established tank with aged live rock for them to pick at. Mine is grazing on the rocks and back glass all day long. Mine has a fondness for Spectrum pellets, LifeLine's herbivore mix, Rod's food, and mysis.

Also, I wouldn't QT this fish, feed that a QT would be too sterile for them.

Here is a recent picture of mine.