radion wont connect to my windows 8


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Mines do the same thing. If computer is running for a while then i try and start the connection manager it dont work. So i set it to start up when i boot up and its working okay again.


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well this morning I tried chrome didn't work. then tried my vista laptop wouldn't connect.
does this program even work


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If you have the connection manager downloaded yes. Go to ecotech thru chrome then sign into ESL, then click the connection manager and run it. Plug the Radion into the computer and you should be good to go. If you are still having issues describe step by step what you are doing and maybe someone can help you. If not ecotech customer service will surely be able to help you

Alex Y EcoTech

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If you haven't resolved the issue yet please call us. We would be able to correct the issue over the phone: 1-800-785-0338 Ext. 2.