Recomendation please


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I have a 90 gallon All Glass reef, currently housing a small amount of SPS and various corals, as well as a few fish and shrimp.

Id like to upgrade from my current flow system of 5 rio pumps to something of higher quality.

I am having trouble deciding between a turbelle electronic, or a stream system.

From what iv seen so far, if I go Turbelle i should get 2 smaller pumps and the multicontroller. Or if i go with the stream, I will only need 1 pump and the single controller.

I use a thin sand bed, roughly 1/2 inch or less, and im concerned about the flow kicking up the sand so it is not even, like my rios currently do. What do you recommend to fit my needs without overkill?
Is the sand fine? What is your return pump? Do you have any other flow device- sqwd, seaswirl etc.
The sand is very fine. My return pump is a magdrive , not sure of the model number but it puts out around 900 gph. I dont have any sea swirls of sqwd at the moment, but the thought had crossed my mind to get one or the other in the future
I can't promise it won't move the sand but your best option is likely 2 7300/2 and a multicontroller.
Do you mount the pumps at the waters surface, or towards the bottom of the tanks generally?

At present my pumps are all located within 4 inches of the sand.
Surface as Surface agitation is by far the most important element of flow. The wide outlets move water pretty well in the lower reaches as well.