Red Carpet Anemone


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My friend Warren I made a nice score this past weekend at an event my reef club hosted ( Long Island Reef Association) We held a small conference The North East Reef Aquarium conference (NERAC) and one of the vendors www.everythingreef bought this to the show :) We will be propogating this in a month or so. Anthony Calfos presentation was the motivation behind this purchase.
why dont you try it first on a drab colored haddoni and not a bright red one? doesnt make sense to me...what if it doesnt make it from the propogation?
If I were you I would try it on a green (less expensive) carpet anemone to first see if its possible!
Even better get a brown one (cheaper)
I know I am going to bring in a few brown ones to try it on
Ive been thinking of doing that with a less desired specimen. Im undecided but after speaking to Anthony Calfo he said if i let it settle in and feed it well in 6 to 8 weeks he gave it a 95% survial rate. My friend and i bought this as an investment and to help propogate the species so less has to be taken from the reef and make them more available in our hobby. I just propped my first RBTAs today and there all doing well. I know there is a big difference so i guess im building up my confidence LOL
From what I read online carpets produce sexually so I wonder if cutting it in half is going to work. It is not a large pink yuma! Of course I'm not 100 percent sure on this so some research might be good before you start hacking it.
Anthony Calfo had a forum on this site that had a sticky that discussed anemone propogation. I'm pretty sure there were some reported successes as well as failures with S. haddoni. I believe cb747 was part of that thread. But still, if it was me, I think I would perfect the art on some cheap haddonis first.

BTW, I can't seem to find the forum anymore. It wasn't his personal one. I thought it used to be in the advanced topics section.
I was looking for it as well. I spoke in good depth with him yesterday about it and he told me exactly what to do. I may pick up a blue one and try to propogate it as itll be worth a few bucks too for clones. The main key is to make sure its settled in and well fed before propogating it. I offered to let him do it yesterday but he said he would give it a 60 to 70% survival rate where as if i wait for 6 to 8 weeks that will increase to 95%