Rendos' New 120 gallon tank


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I decided to get a 120 (48" X 24" X 24") to replace my current 90 gallon (40" X 24" X 21"). I decided to get an acrylic 120 with external overflow box. I have built the stand, sump, refugium, and after months of assembling all the parts I need, I finally have it together. It is not running yet, but has been plumbed and leak tested in my workshop. I hope this will make the transition an easy task since I will already have most of the work done when it comes time to swap the tanks out.
Here is the stand in progress. I made the stand longer than the tank on one end to provide more space for things like my chiller, calcium reactor, etc. The left end is removable.

The sump is very has a bubble trap chamber, and will have a mesh bag inside the chamber to catch large debris and keep it from collecting in the bottom of the sump. It will house an ASM G4+ skimmer.

Here is the tank, stand, and light. The lighting will be 2 X 250 watt MH with 2 X 95 watt VHO actinics housed in a 36" long PFO light hood.

The tank has slots drilled in the center of the back wall for the overflow.

I drilled the tank for a closed loop. 1.5" intake plumbed to a Sequence 3600 GPH pump.


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The external overflow with Durso standpipe.

Flow from the closed loop pump.

I will be using a Pacific Coast 1/4 HP chiller for temperature regulation. I also have a ReefKeeper2 for controlling light timers, etc.

All the plumbing has true union ball valves for quick disconnect. I will be using a 20 gallon tank for a refugium. Discharge water from the protein skimmer will feed the fuge, and water will then flow back to the sump through the bubble trap/mesh bag. Fuge lighting will be a 2X65 watt PC hood. Return pump will be a 630 GPH pump that is connected to a 1/2" Sea-Swirl.


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Here is the sump and fuge inside the stand.

I am planning for the fuge to be more of a planted marine tank, possibly with seahorses, or pipefish, or jawfish...haven't made up my mind yet.


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A friend of mine made them out of 3/4" steel pipe used for electrical conduit...he has a pipe bender. I primed them and then painted them with an oil based paint. I drilled holes for the eye hooks to go through. They are clamped to the back of the stand.
This is the best picture I have of them...


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Thanks Rendo, I think i'm upgrading to a 120 also this summer and was thinking buying the legs for SLS maristar or something similiar but might just get some steel welded like yours.


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Well, it has taken me a while to get this finished, but it is DONE.
First I moved everything from my 90 gallon into a 100 gallon rubbermaid tub. I connected the chiller and a 250 watt DE pendant plus a few powerheads.

Next I moved the old tank out, and the new one in...

Added water...

Plumbed the return plumbing through the chiller, and started moving corals and fish into the new tank.

Under the tank looks like this...

The tank on the left of the above picture will be my Macro algae / possible pipefish tank.


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Thanks Gary. Yes, the pump arrived Wednesday. It is exactly what I needed and working great.

Thanks everyone.


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looks great....! I like the aquascaping a lot...what are you going to do with the extra room to the left??


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7178491#post7178491 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by BRISK495
looks great....! I like the aquascaping a lot...what are you going to do with the extra room to the left??

I am leaving it open. I have one or two stags on the rocks on the far right...I want them to grow into the open space.

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Looks good. How is the conduit clamped to the back of the stand? I'm about to try and hang my pendant in a similar fashing. Looking for some ideas.